A sort-of Greek dinner

Last night was a lil’ bit of Greek and the rest was a fill-in with what we had but none-the-less it was excellent as Di’s meal always are.
We started with a plate of the usual suspects: cheese, olives and a small dish of her dipping sauce from earlier in the week. It was a combination of her creations and it was superb. Di served long pieces of Turkish bread for dipping and it was a splendid way to begin the meal.

After this Diane served corn on the cob that was very, very good. It was local corn and probably so good because it was sweet corn from spring. It was just roasted and served with butter and was sooooo good. I do not think the Greeks normally eat corn on the cob so that is why the meal can’t be called Greek.

The third course was as good as the corn and for the same reason: it was spring, tender lamb. She served us two chops apiece and they tasted superb.

The wine also deviated from the Greek meal theme: it was an Australian inexpensive bottle of Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra.

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