Three missed dinners (in order): Lasagne, Trout Salad, Gozleme

On Sunday the 26th we had a purchased but very good Lasagne with a good cleansing salad.

The next day Diane made a fascinating salad by combining purchased smoked trout with a salad bowl of lettuce pieces, slices of cucumber, pieces of tomatoes, sliced onions and the occasional olive. It was an excellent combination and one that will be repeated now that summer is approaching. Some time ago we bought an inexpensive smoker and we will be able to flavour our purchased raw trout with our own herbs.

Last night we went to the show and watched an interesting film called Gone Girl and had dinner at the Kurdish food stall. We had Baba Ghanoush with pieces of Kurdish bread for dipping and both of us had Kurdish Gozleme. The Gozleme is two thin pieces of Kurdish bread filled with, in our case, feta cheese on a bed of spinach. I love these things and could easily eat them far more often than do now.

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