Dinner at Joelle’s and Kevin’s

Last night we were involved in a very friendly dinner party at Joelle’s and Kevin’s with John and Jeong Sook. As is usual when invited to their home the food was interesting and very good. She began the meal with a Jamie Oliver recipe that was a variation on very soft gnocchi served with melted butter flavoured with sage leaves, delicious

The next, or main course, was BBQed kebabs made by Kevin. He made chicken ones and lamb ones that were (there is a technique here but I do not remember the name) wrapped around the skewers of minced meat. This allows the mince to be flavoured and mixed before wrapping it on the wooden skewers that have been soaked in water before being used to prevent burning. Therefore, the lamb carried the most significant flavour.

The last course was Joelle’s chocolate and prune cake. It was not a layered cake; rather, it was like a meringue with egg whites. These fascinating desserts seem to be a specialty of hers and this one, like her others, was a treat to eat; it was superb!

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