Blue Snapper with Corn and Baked Vegetables

Tonight we had a fish meal with vegetables as a weight buster but also it was available.

Diane started the meal with a superbly simple (if that can be used) olive paste on the very good Lawley’s Bakery bread from our nip into the Fremantle Markets.

The next course was an ear of corn apiece; the corn was also part of that “nip” which seems to be getting bigger and bigger as I go along. The corn was sweet, tender and perfect for corn on the cob.
As a side note we have eaten Ainsley Herriot’s BBQ recipe for corn on the cob which I believe is a Caribbean recipe and calls for lime juice to be squeezed on the cobs and then sprinkled with Cayenne Pepper. We tried it this way several times in outdoor barbies but I think sweet corn with good butter wins the taste test.

The main course was the locally caught Snapper that the chef quickly fried and served with some French fish sauce. Our fish, because it is locally caught, tastes as fresh as commercial fish can taste; it is fairly expensive but the money goes locally.
With the fish Di made an old favourite around here-baked cut vegetables. The vegetables are whatever is in the Freo. Market and they have ever missed on the taste.

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