Smoked Trout Salad

Last night Chef Diane prepared a dinner that was calorie light as well as being extremely tasty.

To begin the meal she prepared an hors-d’oeuve plate of her signature toast quarters spread with her olive tapenade, assorted olives from our weekend meal as well as anchovies.

The main part of the meal consisted of an always delicious lettuce salad emboldened with the usual suspects of: tomato pieces, olives (it would not be a salad), thinly sliced onions, cubes of feta cheese and the magical addition of smoked trout; she added a dollop of Dijonaise for taste as if it needed any more!

We enjoyed one of our state’s most satisfying white wines: Houghton’s White Classic. An interesting side note; this wine has been very popular among West Australian for years under the name of White Burgundy. Several years ago, the French won a court case about using their geographical names for wines that had nothing to do with France. Our wine is now called “classic.”

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