A luscious Spanish meal with a luscious Spanish wine

Last night was Party night and after a busy week we were anticipating some food that would match our expectations; the Chef certainly provided the meal ingredients to match our expectations.

Diane began our meal with three Tapas dishes: (after her signature Old Crow Manhattan) a generous dish of Migas (fried bread pieces), Alcachofas (Artichokes with Mayonnaise) and Diane’s Olives with Jamon Serrano (Spanish ham).

The Main Course was an old favourite: Paella. Diane makes her paella with Spanish rice and I recommend taking the trouble to find it because it really makes a difference to the final results. She used very, very fresh prawns from Western Australian waters; they were so fresh that you could bite into them and almost hear the crunch; the taste matched the freshness. To these ingredients she added hot chorizo, green olives, smoky paprika and onions. We will finish the dish tomorrow.

The beverage for evening meal obviously had to be a Spanish white wine and fortunately we had a beut in the rack just for such an occasion: Marques de Riscal, 2021 Rueda (Denominacion de Origen) [north of Avila, west of Segovia]

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