Prepared Smoked Oysters on Toast with Leftover Paella

Our meal last evening was a beaut considering it was leftovers and it just shows that something good the first time will remain so one or two days later.

Diane’s first course was as simple as simple can be: tinned smoked oysters on those little prepared toast squares with a small spread of good butter. It was so easy yet so good as an hors d’oeuvre.

The main course was our leftover paella from two days ago. It tasted a little different: the rice was a little softer, the chorizo had lost some of its heat and the prawns were a little softer and had lost some of their crunch but taken as a whole the paella was as good as before.

The cleansing salad that Diane also made did its job as well as it always has and the box wine tasted as good as it always has; in short, an extremely satisfying meal.

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