An Excellent Greek Meal with an Australian Wine

Our meal this Wednesday, November 12 was superb; not only because it was Greek but also because Sweet Diane cooked it.

She started with luscious spring Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto and very lightly fried. The fact that the asparagus was fresh and newly picked made the dish perfect with the meat dripping its juices onto the asparagus for added flavour.

Diane’s second course was also a beaut: she sliced, rather than cubed some new Royal Blue potatoes and then fried them while watching carefully as they crisped. She served these lovelies as a separate course as well she should: they tasted wonderfully.

The main course arrived after the chaired indulgee watched carefully as the Lamb Chops purchased that afternoon were first marinated in olive oil infused with Oregano and Garlic. After two hours I watched as she fried them in a ribbed grill pan; we had a treat when we had two chops rather than the usual one. The chops were delicious but a little tougher than last week’s; the spring lamb was still very tasty.

A lovely cool, satisfying Greek Salad followed the lamb made with: chopped tomatoes, cucumber pieces, black olives, cubes of feta and all covered with good olive oil.

We enjoyed an Australian Clean Skin which is the name given to wines that are over stocked and must be discounted but without denigrating the vineyard’s name. Diane likes wine from Coonawarra so she picked one from that region and it sure paid off.

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