(two nights ago, Thursday Evening) A Reasonably Normal Meal

After Diane went to our favourite vegetable market and returned with three ears of spring fresh corn we indulged in that marvelous taste that is only available during Spring. Diane roasts the ears in the husks on our ribbed frying pan an delivers them to the table to be lathered with wonderful Danish butter and sprinkled with salt-my mouth is watering now.

After this wonderful beginning we went on to the main course of the night: Blue Spotted Emperor which had thin fillets that needed only quick frying in butter. This fish oddly enough is about half the price of other similar fillets whose taste is less delicate. The fillets as Di fried them were as delicate as the significantly more expensive cold water fish that we have been eating.

With these fillets she served roasted veggies that have become a mainstay of our table: easy, inexpensive and very good.

A glass or two of De Bortoli cask Collumbard white was a particularly accompaniment.

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