Diane’s teacher friend of years ago with her husband and sister with her husband came over for dinner as a way of thanking them before the sister and husband returned to Darwin the following day.

We started the meal at the kitchen counter; most of our meals begin here, with a dish of olives, a spread of tapenade on small pieces of bread with some cherry tomatoes.

For the next dish, the main course, Diane made a “down home” dish French style; the people that came over were not new Australians and making “new” Australian cuisine would have been out of place. We decided therefore to make Lamb Navarin because it is spring and the lamb would be at its best and because when we first made it Sept. 12, 04 I wrote “brilliant stew-very repeatable” so it could be made for guests.
The remaining ingredients could not miss: the usual suspects plus, shallots, two cans of chopped tomatoes, red wine and carrots, turnips and new potatoes.
As a side Diane made a mixed Green Bean salad with feta, pine nuts and fresh chopped tomatoes.

Diane prepared a marvellous an ice cream dessert using an Australian Bush Herb: Lemon Myrtle with choc bits and chopped macadamia nuts.

Our friends are partial to sweeter wines so Diane selected a bottle of Warburn Estate “Rumours”, Moscato. For those that preferred more typical wine we opened a bottle of Fortant Cab Sauv from the PAYS D’OC in southern France.

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