Nov. 17 A Lebanese meal at The Prophet with Colleen

On Monday the 17th we had a marvellous meal, as always, at The Prophet in E. Vic Park and again the place was packed. It is not a large restaurant with an aisle down the centre and tables in a single line off to the wall. It is one of those places that you hope people will not find because it is so good but Foodies in Perth have known about it for years. It might be apocryphal but Diane read some years ago that the restaurant made the best Kibbeh in Australia but by our taste they certainly are a contender. We sat outside until about nine pm and just before we left two cars pulled up and the proprietor moved his car forward to give them more room. Now these were not ordinary cars; one was a Ferrari and the one behind was Maseratti. Agreed, Ferraris are seen on even Perth streets a reasonable number of times but to seen a Maseratti pull up behind a Ferrari outside a cafe in E. Vic Park, not the most salubrious of neighbourhoods (I use the word to mean well-off not healthy) even in Perth. I mention the incident only because people with that kind of money can eat anywhere but they choose The Prophet because of the quality of the Patron’s (Old French) food. Oddly, whenever I go I always order an Egyptian dish called Fool Beans which arrives at the table in a shallow soup dish containing Broad Beans in very shallow broth with a floating of Olive Oil and flavourings. Diane and Colleen always order Ladies’ Fingers which are minced lamb and pine nuts wrapped in filo pastry with salad. We share but we really must try some different items in the future.

One thought on “Nov. 17 A Lebanese meal at The Prophet with Colleen

  1. ddollzden says:

    I googled the Lime Green Lamborghini (if that is what it was by seeing the door open up vertically)n and it is owned by a Lebanese doctor known as the king of Botox here in Perth. THE MAN for the job if you have the money!

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