A Quiet Night with a Favourite Pasta Dish, Thur. Nov. 20

We decided for no particular reason to have a quiet dinner night the evening of the 19th so Diane found in the fridge a tomato sauce that she had made earlier and with the addition of some penne pasta a meal was made.
This sauce is an old favourite with us and it only varies with the flavourings slightly because of what is in the cupboard. As a rule we try to flavour the sauce with: broken/chopped olives (either red or green,) capers, anchovies, red or green peppers, several garlic cloves (I like mine crushed rather than chopped) a shake of chilli pepper and just about anything else that will add flavour. Now this sounds very much like Pasta Puttanesca or whore’s sauce (Diane would prefer me not to use this title in public but….) The dean of Italian pasta’s and their sauces, Giuliano Bugialli in his 1988 book Bugialli on Pasta, writes that this is a Napoletana sauce that should have tomato paste as well as no peppers or capsicums as they are known here in Australia.
Diane served a good salad with the usual ingredients.
As a beverage we had two glasses of red box wine.

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