Bitokes ‘a la Russe (Hamburgers with Cream Sauce)

Last night I returned to the stove with much help from Sweet Diane and we had another little party just because we enjoyed Friday’s so much. Diane made another of her signature Old Crow Manhattan’s with two of those Boag Appetizers.

After this beginning she fried some delicious cubed potatoes and served them as a separate dish because they taste so good.

We enjoyed this dish on the first of January and the second of May plus 31 times before. It is the premium method of cooking mince and if you get the sauce right it becomes premium plus and that is what happened last night. There seems to be a truism among food writers that the French love wet food while Italians love dry food. The French use sauces, at least in earlier recipes; for instance on the facing page of Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking she offers six alternative French sauces for this recipe or other suitable meats. True the Italians have many, many pasta sauces; those sauces, however, can only be used with pasta and are made particularly for that shape of pasta. I have made this recipe so often that I sort of know what happens next. Julia devotes about a whole page to this recipe and if you get it right it becomes restaurant quality; if you get it wrong it still tastes good.

Basically you fry the mince patties that Diane has shaped and had onion mixed into the mince. After these patties have cooked, about 3 to 4 minutes on each side take the patties out to a dish in a heated oven until the sauce is finished. Deglaze the pan juices with stock, boil it down to a syrup, add your cream, mix and reduce before enriching with butter, add fresh herbs and when it is a good consistency pour over the mince and enjoy.
We enjoyed two glasses of box red and each other’s company.

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