Sunday Night is Pizza/Pasta Night

Last night, Nov. 23rd, Diane and I had our regular Pizza/Pasta night except we sort of indulged and had both; the Good Doctor’s Pizza and Diane’s Gnocchi with the simplest of sauces: melted butter with fresh whole sage leaves. Of course spoons of grated Parmesan completed what could barely be called a sauce. If the butter is pure, the sage leaves fresh and the parmesan of good quality then the dish is complete.

The meal was excellent except for the Good Doctor’s Pizza; it was edible but only because I was very hungry. This arvo while shopping the subject of the meal came up and I said the pizza was “off.” At this point the chef admitted that she had accidently sprinkled vinegar instead of olive oil on the pizza: I do not recommend this pizza variation.

One thought on “Sunday Night is Pizza/Pasta Night

  1. ddollzden says:

    Oops said the chef when she reached for the olive oil and grabbed the vinegar by mistake. I decided not to tell until a remark was made the next day and then I fessed up!

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