Last night was a delicious low cal meal that formed itself as we shopped yesterday afternoon. We needed some good fish so we went to the fish shop at Southlands Centre. Indeed we found the fish; they also have a good supply of oysters from South Australia’s Franklin Harbour. I prefer all Australian oysters except Tasmanian ones which are too plump or “fat” for my taste as these oysters are referred to here and I suppose in other oyster farming areas. These thin oysters like Sydney Rocks or the ones from South Australia or from here in Western Australia at Albany are “thin” and delicious. They are referred as such because they do not take as much space in the shell and as a result are flat when shucked.

The other half of last night’s meal was another excellent trout salad. Diane built the salad on top of a good handful of spinach leaves with: sliced mushrooms on top along with olives, toasted croutons and sliced cheese pieces. It was a wonderful dish and with the oysters a marvellous meal.
Our wine tonight was as gentle as the meal: we just enjoyed two glasses of box white.

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