Tues. Nov. 25th Nannagai (Australian fish), Spinach-Croutons-Mozzarella Salad

Tuesday night we had a particularly good French meal from Anne’s 40th anniversary gift to us of Jacques Pepin’s recipe cookbook, Essential Pepin, from which the first and second dishes were taken. He claims there are over 700 favouite recipes in this book and these are only two.

His main ingredients are the fish fillets; he calls for Catfish but we used this Nannagai and added his interesting secondary flavours: garlic, croutons, nuts (walnuts or pecans), chives or parsley among other minor ingredients. The chef makes delicious croutons and when added to these other ingredients and the fish Pepin has created an interestingly unusual dish.

The second Pepin recipe is a delightful salad again with Di’s very tasty croutons plus a remarkably good Dressing. The salad is straight forward with Spinach, Mozzarella and Croutons but the dressing has the usual plus one tablespoon of Soy Sauce which Diane didn’t care for but I found interestingly good.

We had a cheese and fruit dessert with a Maggi Beer Fig and Fennel Paste. The cheese was a very good Normandy Camembert, called Le Rustique from Jean Verrier.

Our wine that evening, keeping with the French theme, was an inexpensive yet fulsome Paul Mas estate Chardonnay from Pays D’OC in the southwest of France.

2 thoughts on “Tues. Nov. 25th Nannagai (Australian fish), Spinach-Croutons-Mozzarella Salad

  1. Anne Farrell says:

    Very happy to know that Chef Jacques joined the kitchen of Chef Diane for what sounds like a delicious meal. If only I weren’t separated by a vast ocean and the gigantic country of Australia…or I’d have popped right over! xxoo

  2. ddollzden says:

    Anne, we would have loved you to share this meal. I was lucky enough to try catfish for the first time when dining with my sister at The Fish Market in San Jose and it was delicious as was this local fish. Here is a link to the version of nannugai in Queensland but we have them here too and some are quite large.

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