Bitokes ‘a la Russe (Hamburgers in Cream Sauce)

Sunday, Nov.30th Last night, the 30th, I helped Di put together one of my favourite meals: a stiff drink, a small plate of diced and fried Royal Blue potatoes followed by the main dish which was a hamburger patty with cream sauce. As a desert Diane brought out two cones filled with her latest batch of ice cream.
As a first course we enjoyed something that is always special: sour dough bread spread with good tapenade and because we missed our regular Friday Night Party we enjoyed an excellent Old Crow Manhattan with it.
Our Second Course was a small plate of Royal Blue potatoes cubed and fried.
Our Main Course followed and it was a repeat of a dish made some days before; however, if you don’t measure your ingredients as I don’t you will end up with a different tasting dish each time-not bad just different. I used more cream and less butter this time mainly to get rid of items that were low in the fridge but if you are not a Taste Nazi then a bit here or a bit there will not win or lose the dish.
Diane’s excellent ice cream finished off a great meal.
For our beverage we had Chemin des Papes Cotes du Rhone. It was an inexpensive bottle but I believe the Cotes du Rhones are excellent wines.

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