Cauliflower Roasted under the grill with fried Cobbler (saltwater Catfish)

Yesterday was one of those evenings where it was decided that more is more because although it wasn’t Friday we needed to lighten up on ourselves. Therefore, we had another Signature Drink with some Olive Toast, then some Cauliflower and finally the Main Course finishing with a cleansing salad.

Diane’s signature drink was an Old Crow Manhattan with the Olive Toast which set the meal, as well as the evening, off to a very good start.
Diane always likes to have a vegetable course with the dinner (Australian’s, particularly here in the West, historically have had roast and three veg at night.) I am not that keen on veg so one hot course and another two or three in the salad suit me well. I felt bad when Diane asked me how I liked the Cauli and I said not too much. She had, according to my taste and memory, cooked the Cauli florets with a little garlic and anchovy fillets cut up meaning there was ample flavour in the vegetables plus she sprinkled bread crumbs over the dishes, one apiece, before putting them under the grill.
Diane fried the Cobbler and she had remarked that the fish should always be baked rather than fried; the fillets are just too thick for frying and now I must agree with her. She served one of her excellent spinach salads with different goodies that would make anybody love raw spinach.
Our beverage was some glasses of unfinished wine from previous meals

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