Easy Meals Edging into Christmas

Thus. Dec. 4th   Tonight Diane met with a teaching friend from some years ago and her two children: Yr 4 and preschool.  All of them met in Perth; Perth closes up early so they had a McDonalds before the show that was staged particularly for children.  Diane had a Macas Quarter Pounder which she thought was off the mark.  They all went to see the Hungarian ballet of Snow White and the Seven Drafts.  I on the other hand had a package of Indonesian Noodles which became Mee Goreng and after opening the five flavouring packets and mixing with the noodles became a satisfying meal.

Fri. Dec. 5th   Tonight the Johnson kitchen was back in order and running smoothly because the Chef had returned.  Di was a little tired from her adventure the previous night so the penne pasta filled the emptiness of the evening meal.  There was sauce Puttanesca from the freezer and we enjoyed an easy yet extremely enjoyable meal.

We had the remains of several bottles of red that was just waiting to be finished and so they were.

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