Tues. Dec. 9th Colleen with nibbles

Last night we continued our quiet pre-Christmas eating before the holiday splurges soon arrive. Our old friend Colleen came over for a movie night and some food to accompany it. She does not like sit-down meals (she lives alone) so Diane made a plate of excellent crab sandwiches and she also made a platter with cherry tomatoes, pieces of sun-dried tomatoes, pieces of pecorino cheese, and little bread crisps.
With these delightful nibbles Colleen brought a bottle of delicious New Zealand Marlborough Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc. I am far, far removed from being a wine connoisseur but as soon as I tasted the wine I knew it was a Kiwi wine; it tasted so remarkablely herbaceous that it could not be from anywhere else in the world.
After enjoying the movie as well as Diane’s nibbles we all had a coffee with some, actually all, of the cannelloni that Colleen brought from a little pastry shop near her home. I tasted three of them and can attest to their goodness. The movie was a ‘90s movie based on actual events-not an opera though. The movie was built around a guy in a mental hospital who convinces one of the workers to put on his favouite operas, Cosi van Tutti and you can imagine where it goes from there. A lovely night was had by all three of us!

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