Wed. A Delicious Indian meal bought at the supermarket.

These package meals are not as easy on the Chef as one might imagine; in this case, there are about five bits that must come together at roughly the same time. It is not like European food that can be presented in courses; nor is it like Thanksgiving where everything must be on the table at the same time.
This is the same packet food that I have mentioned before although a different curry. It is called Street Kitchen: authentic Indian Dhaba Style Cuisine. Besides the curry Diane fried some package Paratas and served them before the main course with a package of Ainsley Harriot’s Rice and Indian lentles which we have never tried before. I thought they were excellent but Diane lesser so.
Ainsley is a TV chef from Africa via Jamaica and England and he has had quite a large amount of exposure even coming to Perth on occasion for cooking demonstrations. I also find his books interesting and worth having; he is quite prolific.
We opened a bottle of local Houghton’s white to accompany this lovely curry dinner.
Off to Bunbury for four days.

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