A Delicious French Seafood Meal

After returning from our little Get-A-Way at Bunbury the Chef made a new meal from Jacques Pepin’s cookbook Essential Pepin. She bought a bag of Boston Bay Blue Mussels from South Australia and served them as our dinner last night.

The First Course was a small piece of Pate’ from Maggie Beer with some small commercial toasts; with these toasts Diane served some sliced cornichons which complimented the richness of the pate’.

Before the mussels she made us, with a few of her own changes, his “mixed Vegetable Salad with Croutons.” The dish is as it is named with corn kernels substituted for the green beans and spinach substituted for the lettuce. It was very repeatable also using his Dressing of crushed garlic cloves, balsamic, wine vinegar, and olive oil.

The Main Course was “Mussels in Cream Sauce” which was as delicious in Luxemburg many years ago as it was last night. Besides the mussels you will need by Pepin’s recipe: onions, garlic, parsley, thyme, bay, white wine as well as a Beurre Manie’. In short after the mussels have opened make a cream sauce from the Beurre Manie’ and the mussel cooking broth. That becomes the delicious “soup” that is eaten after the mussels.
A very tasty Pierre Naigeon Bourgogne white wine that was a perfect accompaniment to Diane,s French meal.

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