First BBQ of the Summer: Dukkah, Roasted Corn, Crabs, Lamb Chops, Retsina

Last night was our first BBQ of the summer and the Chef made sure that it was a beaut. Actually the evening started off early when we went shopping at Garden City and had our normal lunch at the Dim Sim Train. Later the Chef made a serve of her Dukkah and added a great Margarita to begin the evening. We always use gold tequila but Di suggested I mention that the Jose Cuervo Especial is about $40.00 dollars a bottle here: Daniels, Makers M., Stolli, Absolute, Beefeater… All are wallet munchers. It is expensive to be a drunk here except with beer but even that is becoming expensive.

The next delight was Roasted Corn on the Cob; the corn tasted particularly good: it is still early in the summer and the high, drying temperatures are not upon us as yet.

The third dish was a real surprise in that it was not planned until we went to the local fish supply shop at Southlands Centre yesterday. Celeste, the owner’s wife, drew Di’s attention to some fresh crabs brought in that morning and they were delicious; they were as fresh as she said. We only bought two knowing that we also had the lamb for the evening. Our crabs are Blue Swimmer Crabs and these might have been the best either one of us have ever eaten.

The main course of the BBQ was four Lamb Chops that Diane cooked to perfection over our little Weber Q. With the chops Diane served some rounds of braised cold eggplant that she had made earlier.

Our beverage of the evening was a cool bottle of Greek wine: Tsantali’s Retsina.

One thought on “First BBQ of the Summer: Dukkah, Roasted Corn, Crabs, Lamb Chops, Retsina

  1. ddollzden says:

    Just in case any of the 8 readers (that’s Tim’s top end guesstimate of his blog following) think that dining at Chez Johnson is unremitting bliss, I have to report that the gas bottle for our Webber Baby Q ran out as I started to cook so I resorted to using a little electric hotplate and my trusty cast iron ribbed frill plate which did a decent job.

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