A Missed Day and Last Night Was Short (you figure that out)

Our last two meals were fairly simple things knowing as we do tonight, Christmas Eve, will be a once in a year special dinner. For the last three decades we have eaten a crab salad the recipe that was given to us many years ago by Terri Tsugi; she was the girlfriend of an old dormie friend of mine from years ago at San Francisco State. She has been long gone; we have lost all contact but this lovely recipe has maintained itself in the hearts and stomachs of the Australian Johnsons for these many years.
We are deviating from Terri’s delicious crab salad tonight; our local fish monger is selling beautiful large platters overflowing with non-fish seafood: crays, prawns, marinated ockie etc.

Last night’s meal was a light one: heated peas and corn, rice with chopped vegetables and the second half of the other night’s BBQed store chicken.
We enjoyed a couple glasses of De Bortolie’s Colombard Chardeney box wine.
(The wine commercial says that life is too short to drink bad wine; I have never met a wine that was bad unless humans have stuffed it some way but on its own, regardless of how far the price drops, it just varies in drinkability: I have made it to late 67 and inexpensive wine has done nothing but provided decades of enjoyment.)

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