Christmas Day: Seafood, Seafood, Seafood

Last night was almost a repeat of the previous day. This time we had Diane’s Signature Maker’s Mark Manhattan with, as with the previous night, Marinated Octopus pieces and mussels. The marinade was very good and went well with that seafood; the other seafood on the platter was a selection of thick slices of smoked salmon which constituted the rest of the hors-d’oeuviors.

Our main course was a delight: she took the flesh out of the Crayfish tail, added some of the remaining sauce from the previous night and made a delicious mound of crayfish on the plate. That mound was paired with about six, a piece, large prawns for which she made a modest aioli dipping sauce.

I considered the prawns to be ours alone but Di invited her friends over this arvo and they will be eaten; I am not stingy but I hate to see food given away, especially seafood-oh well.

With the fish, Di also bought some of the deli’s pasta salad and potato salad which was delicious plus a roll of garlic bread which I devoured (it’s not often seen in this diet conscious abode.)

We had a bottle of Frascati to accompany this excellent food; wine experts denigrate Rome’s wine but I love the white’s of southern Italy.

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