Christmas Day: Seafood,Seafood, Seafood

Two nights ago, Christmas Eve, Diane and I celebrated Christmas with special food and present opening. The presents were as they always are, useful and appropriate, with one exception: I purchased my gifts online this year and found the experience far better: moving around crowded dept. Stores in a wheelchair is not a good way to prepare for Christmas. The food once again was a standout except this year was particularly interesting. Diane had purchased a seafood platter from our local monger for about $120.00 which at first look seems too much; however, stay with this blog and you will probably think that it was pretty inexpensive.

Christmas Eve’s meal began with Diane’s Signature Sidecar and six oysters a piece (I don’t know where they were from but they were some of the best I’ve eaten.) plus a small dish of marinated octopus and marinated mussels (shelled.)

As if that was not enough the main course came next with more delicious seafood. For decades Diane and I have been eating the same crab salad Christmas Eve; this year however, we added the delights of The Platter: Shark Bay Prawns and four almost scary looking Morton Bay Bugs from South Australia-the Monger gave us four small ones (too much demand this time of year for larger ones.) The Chef added her own mayo based sauce to the Bugs and Prawns after they had been torn into smaller pieces to make this awesome salad.

The beverage for our delicious Chrissie Eve was an inexpensive sparkling wine from France’s Loire Valley produced by Henri Grandin.

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